Editorial Services

I offer limited editing (shorter pieces like personal essays or short stories) and manuscript consultations (book-length projects), depending on the scope of the project and if I feel that I am a fit for the work. The type of editing that I do is strictly developmental editing with minimal copy-editing. I will tell you what I feel works and what I feel does not work and we will discuss more bigger picture structural elements such as timing, plot, character development and style/tone. This is more of a big picture edit, as opposed to line editing and proofreading.


Email me a query with the scope of your project, and I will determine if I think it is a fit. If I feel like I can be of help to your and to your work, I will send you a project quote with fees and a timeline. Should you decide to move forward, we will set up a Zoom session to go through expectations and to cover off on any questions before I begin the editing process. After my editorial work is complete, we will schedule another Zoom session to go over my edits and notes.